After a few days of sightseeing in Rome, the city can begin to feel like
an eternity of churches, monuments, ancient Roman ruins and tourists.
Don’t get us wrong, Rome is amazing! It is by far our favorite city in the
world, however… taking a day-trip out of the city can be a much needed
break from the crowds. Frascati is an easy 25 minute train ride from
Rome and is the quintessential Italian village where locals like to hang
out in the piazza and shoot the breeze.

Few people in Frascati speak English and since the town has yet to be

discovered by many tourists, locals are excited to meet you and curious

to know where you come from. On our ‘Classic Half-Day Wine Tour’ we

begin by taking our guests around the city center where they can meet

some of the Frascati locals and try their products (roasted pork from the

bakery, jug wine from the wine tavern).

We have great friends in Frascati who genuinely like meeting all the
guests that come on our tours and are proud to share their town’s
history with them.

After our tour around town we are driven out to wine country. Frascati is
most famous for its dry white wine ‘Frascati Superiore’ and the winery
we visit on our tour is part of a young wine cooperative that has been
making Frascati Superiore DOCG since 2010. I say ‘young wine
cooperative’ but the family has been making Frascati Wine since the
1500s. Only recently have they begun bottling their wine with the DOCG
certification which certifies that the wines are made in Frascati and that
the vineyards follow many rules and regulations to guarantee quality; no
irrigation, the yield is limited etc.

Tasting our wine in the vineyard with Rome in the distance has been
hailed by many as ‘the best thing they’ve done in Italy’! This is thanks
not only to the beautiful surrounding and the amazing hospitality but also
thanks to the fact that guests are treating themselves to a day of
relaxation. Rome is a must, but by the 2nd or 3rd day you should treat
yourself to a day out of the city in beautiful Frascati!

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