SUMMERTIME in Frascati 2018!

So we’ve said before that autumn was our favorite season in Frascati… This was last year after the hottest summer on record in Rome and Frascati, and definitely the cooler temperatures were a much needed break in 2017… This year however, the summer has thus far been temperate, sunny and dry (and not too hot… yet;) Summer is now quickly becoming our favorite season at Old Frascati Food & Wine. This summer, the grapes are growing beautifully and the flowers, fruit trees & butterflies are all on full display. We’ve also begun offering our ‘Sunset Wine Tour’ in the PM on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday nights and the sunsets over Rome from our tasting room are breathtaking… Frascati Superiore has always been the summertime wine of Rome and it makes sense… the crispness, dryness and subtle fruity aroma are the perfect pairing to any traditional Roman dish and so lovely when enjoyed outside on a warm summer night.

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