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Old Frascati Food & Wine ETS is a cultural association based in Frascati, we work with local vintners, artisans, chefs, historians and sommeliers to show you the best that Frascati has to offer! We have several food and wine tours … Read More

Taking the train to Frascati

For our wine tours in Frascati we always suggest taking the train since it’s so fast, cheap & easy Here is a quick video on how not to miss the train to Frascati.

Our Classic Half-Day Wine Tour Video!

Frascati is one of the most historic wine regions of Italy! Just a quick train ride from Rome, discover the culture & traditions, the food & wine of Frascati! Half-Day Food & Wine Tours, Cooking Classes, Pizza Making and Wine … Read More

SUMMERTIME in Frascati 2018!

So we’ve said before that autumn was our favorite season in Frascati… This was last year after the hottest summer on record in Rome and Frascati, and definitely the cooler temperatures were a much needed break in 2017… This year … Read More


The Castelli Romani are nine communes or townships southeast of thecity of Rome. Technically, the Castelli Romani are a part of theMetropolitan City of Rome, despite being tucked away in the beautifulvolcanic hills. The fertile soil courtesy of volcanic activity … Read More


After a few days of sightseeing in Rome, the city can begin to feel likean eternity of churches, monuments, ancient Roman ruins and tourists.Don’t get us wrong, Rome is amazing! It is by far our favorite city in theworld, however… … Read More

Welcome to Old Frascati Food & Wine Tours

Welcome to our website and Blog! At Old Frascati Food & Wine Tourswe aim to offer a truly unique, personalized and unforgettableexperience to all our guests. Frascati has an amazing wine tradition andis just a 25 minute train ride from … Read More